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DebconfKde::DebconfFrontendFifo Class Reference

#include <debconf.h>

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Public Types

enum  PropertyKey {
  Choices, Description, ExtendedDescription, Type,
  UnknownPropertyKey = -1
enum  TypeKey {
  String, Password, Progress, Boolean,
  Select, Multiselect, Note, Error,
  Title, Text, UnknownTypeKey = -1


void backup (bool capable)
void finished ()
void go (const QString &title, const QStringList &input)
void progress (const QString &param)

Public Member Functions

void back ()
void cancel ()
 DebconfFrontendFifo (int readfd, int writefd, QObject *parent=0)
void next ()
QString property (const QString &key, PropertyKey p) const
void say (const QString &string)
void setValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)
TypeKey type (const QString &string) const
QString value (const QString &key) const

Protected Slots

virtual void disconnected ()

Protected Member Functions

QIODevice * getReadDevice () const
QIODevice * getWriteDevice () const
bool process ()
void reset ()

Private Attributes

QFile * m_readf
QSocketNotifier * m_readnotifier
QFile * m_writef

Detailed Description

DebconfFrontend which communicates with Debconf over FIFO pipes. Once finished signal is emitted, the frontend is no longer usable as pipes have been been closed by then.

Definition at line 246 of file debconf.h.

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