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DebconfKde::DebconfGui Class Reference

Widget to present debconf elements. More...

#include <DebconfGui>

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void activated ()
void deactivated ()

Public Member Functions

 DebconfGui (const QString &socketName, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

DebconfGuiPrivate *const d_ptr

Private Slots

void cmd_go (const QString &title, const QStringList &input)
void cmd_progress (const QString &param)
void on_backPB_clicked ()
void on_cancelPB_clicked ()
void on_nextPB_clicked ()

Detailed Description

Widget to present debconf elements.

Daniel Nicoletti <dantti85-pk@yahoo.com.br>

This class provides a widget subclass that can present Debconf elements (questions), using a socket file.

For this class to be useful the programs that are going to use debconf to present questions must have the enviroment variables DEBIAN_FRONTEND set to passthrough and DEBCONF_PIPE to the path set on the constructor (socketName). Then when a new connection arrives this class will take care of talking the debconf protocol and emit activated() so that this widget should be shown, and deactivated() when it should be hidden.

It is possible to let this class work automatically by connecting the activated() signal on the QWidget::show() slot and deactivated() on the QWidget::hide() slot.
This class must not be deleted after deactivated() signal is emitted, since new packages need to talk to the same socket. Only delete it after you are sure no more operations ended.

Definition at line 88 of file DebconfGui.h.

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