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DebconfKde::DebconfFrontend Class Reference

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struct  Cmd

Public Types

enum  PropertyKey {
  Choices, Description, ExtendedDescription, Type,
  UnknownPropertyKey = -1
enum  TypeKey {
  String, Password, Progress, Boolean,
  Select, Multiselect, Note, Error,
  Title, Text, UnknownTypeKey = -1


void backup (bool capable)
void finished ()
void go (const QString &title, const QStringList &input)
void progress (const QString &param)

Public Member Functions

void back ()
void cancel ()
 DebconfFrontend (const QString &socketName, QObject *parent=0)
void next ()
QString property (const QString &key, PropertyKey p) const
void say (const QString &string)
void setValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)
TypeKey type (const QString &string) const
QString value (const QString &key) const

Private Types

typedef QHash< PropertyKey,
QString > 
typedef QHash< QString, QString > Substitutions

Private Slots

void disconnected ()
void newConnection ()
bool process ()

Private Member Functions

void cmd_capb (const QString &caps)
void cmd_data (const QString &param)
void cmd_get (const QString &param)
void cmd_go (const QString &)
void cmd_input (const QString &param)
void cmd_progress (const QString &param)
void cmd_set (const QString &param)
void cmd_subst (const QString &param)
void cmd_title (const QString &param)
PropertyKey propertyKeyFromString (const QString &string)
void reset ()
QString substitute (const QString &key, const QString &rest) const

Static Private Member Functions

template<class T >
static int enumFromString (const QString &str, const char *enumName)

Private Attributes

QHash< QString, Properties > m_data
QStringList m_input
QLocalServer * m_server
QLocalSocket * m_socket
QHash< QString, Substitutions > m_subst
QString m_title
QHash< QString, QString > m_values

Static Private Attributes

static const Cmd commands []

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file debconf.h.

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